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The following businesses and organizations are resources I highly recommend to my clients and colleagues. I have worked, personally with all of the following resources and think they are all top notch. Please feel free to contact me if you any questions about these businesses or if you would like a recommendation for a resource that doesn't appear on this list. Nearly all of the businesses have links to their websites. The ones that don't have their contact information posted in the text.


American Massage Therapy Association (This is the professional massage therapy organization I belong to. This is a great resource if you are travelling out of town and want to find a quality massage therapist who might be able to address more specific needs.)

Boulder College of Massage Therapy (This is my massage alma mater. It is considered to be one of the best massage schools in the country.)

Pomegranate Place: An Oasis for Women (This nonprofit organization is a beautiful resource for women who want to nurture their self growth and also want to be a stand for struggling women in our community and underprivilaged women around the world.)

Nia International (I received my Nia Teacher Training through this organization. It is a great resource for people who are looking for nia classes around the country and the world and for people interested in learning more about teacher training programs.) 

Linked In (This is a wonderful business networking tool. Check it out!)

Ali Boyd, Life Coach (Ali Boyd is a wonderful life coach. In fact, I sought her services as a business coach and she was extremely helpful. Ali is warm, kind, very knowledgable, professional...I can't say enough wonderful things about her!)

Michelle Fox, writer and blogger, The Graceful Divorce (Michelle's blog, The Graceful Divorce, is a beautiful, insightful companion for anyone who is going through or recovering from a divorce. Michelle is compassionate and insightful as she explores the ways in which one can be affected by divorce and she offers a forum through which readers can share their stories and receive comfort.)

Dr. Greg Wolgin, Chiropractor (Dr. Greg is a fantastic chiropractor! And this is coming from someone who has been a bit fearful of chiropractic care. I like that he is open about what he is doing and why, I like that his adjustments are more gentle, and I love the fact that I can feel tangible results when the sessions are complete.)

Comfort & Joy Oriental Medicine (This business is owned by Joy Hewitt-Kind. And her name says it all. I sought her help for issues with fertility and she was a godsend. She was incredibly knowledgable and she went above and beyond when it came to addressing other issues I was experiencing. I was able to tell a tangible difference in how my body felt after working with her. She is awesome! Joy doen't have a website but you can call her at 303/358-7266.)

Women’s Small Business Network, support network for women entrepreneurs (This organization is a great resource for women who are either starting or are running their own businesses. This network provides training, networking, and a sounding board for female entreprenuers.)

MidChix and MadHens, online co-op for women (This is a great networking resource for women over 40 years old. There is some business networking but this site is fabulous for helping women to feel more connected to one another.)

Immortal Palace, Acupuncture Studio (This studio is owned by Josie Bouchier. She has a kind, warm, professional style and her needles were very helpful when I was struggling with some sleep issues. I'm not ashamed to admit, she put me to sleep...a lot! She is also a great resource when it comes to nutrition!)

Get Known, Get Big Marketing (This website was designed by Darci Barlow, owner of Get Known, Get Big Marketing. She offered great advice regarding how best to present my material, she helped to make what could have been an overwhelming building process fun and collaborative, and she was a  joy to work with. She also has specialists on staff that can add additional dimentions to a website to further personalize it and optimize a site's capabilities.)

Metro Press (I get all of my printed materials from Skip Hayes, owner of Metro Press. Skip helped me to create a printed identity package that looked beautiful and was very affordable. In fact, his services are much more affordable than many of the big box printing companies out there. And Skip is a wonderfully nice man. You will love how your business looks in print with Metro Press!)

Five Senses Photography (Emily Grocki, owner of Five Senses Photography, shot most of the pictures displayed on this website. She was a pleasure to work with, she was very professional, and she gave me more picture choices than I knew what to do with. I love her work and own some fabulous pictures, myself!)

Elevation Ink (Jay Buckner, wordsmith extrordinair, was an extraordinary guide in helping me to create copy for my website. He also designed my first website. He was a great collaborator and he was able to tap into (and produce copy) that evoked the feel of what I wanted to express. Jay is a word wizard!)

Roots and Wings Holistic Healing  (This online aromatherapy/tincture/hydrosol business is owned by my dear friend, Catherine Perry. She sells high quality, therapeutic grade essiential oils...a must for me and my business. She blends her own syrups and vinegars, she is a master perfume maker... Because of her strong background in herbal medicine and aromatherapy, there is nothing this woman can't do with a plant and an essential oil.)

All Things in Order, LLC

iThrive (iThrive is Denver's premier creative, educational and inspirational community for women. We specialize in women's self-development over the lifespan, and our goal is to help women live fully at every age! We provide courses, social events, and opportunities to make a difference in an atmosphere of safety, fun, and sisterhood. Visit our or join our email list to find out more:


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