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Transformational Breath®

Do you recognize breathing as an active movement? Animals breathe naturally for maximum oxygenation, filling their lungs to 100% capacity and expelling carbon dioxide and toxins by engaging their diaphragm fully.

However, 80% of all adults only breathe 25-30% of their total lung capacity. Stress, anxiety and tension can cause restrictive breathing patterns. We also inhibit our breathing with counterproductive habits like by wearing restrictive clothing and high heeled shoes. Yet, it is our lack of conscious breath control that is the primary culprit.

Many negative outcomes occur from shallow breathing, including but not limited to:    

  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Reduced ability to recognize your emotions and feelings
  • Obstructed ability to combat stress and/or depression
  • Increased stress on the immune system
  • Inability to release toxins
  • Hindered ability to focus
  • Blocked ability to connect with self and higher self
  • Reduced ability to experience joy and love

"Our breathing reflects every emotional or physical effort and every disturbance.”
    ~ Moshe Feldenkrais, Creator of The Feldenkrais Method

By breathing more fully, efficiently and effectively, you will feel more energetic and relaxed in your waking hours and sleep more restfully at night. Additionally, you may:

  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Improve your energy levels and your mental state
  • Clear suppressed and repressed emotional blockages
  • Reduce your worry and anxiety
  • Increase your enjoyment of life
  • Allow yourself a fuller expression of love and joy

Yes, you can experience all of these benefits (and more!) just by exercising proper breathing techniques.

"As the breathing deepens, the whole body comes alive, ready for action."
    ~ Mabel E. Todd, Major Contributor to Ideokinesis

Transformational Breath® is a Healing modality taught to me under the instruction of Judith Kravitz, a world renown trainer, Healer and Founder of The Transformational Breath Foundation.

Judith has integrated various healing and spiritual principles into the Transformational Breath® training course, including metaphysics, Kundalini Yoga, breath analysis, sound healing, and body mapping. I offer her innovative therapeutic breathing techniques to you!

        "The way we breathe... is an exact reflection of the way we live our life. Are we connected and    present or are we disconnected and absent?"

         ~ Michael Brown, Author of The Presence Process

Transformation Breath® Class Information:

Private and Group Sessions Available


Private classes are offered at Holistic Healing Space, LLC, located in Denver's Cherry Creek Community

121 South Madison Street, Suite D, Denver, CO, 80209


Group classes are offered at Dancing The Soul and other community venues in Denver. 



Sessions by appointment only.

Tuesday:     10am - 7pm                        Wednesday:    10am - 7pm                    Thursday:   10am-7pm                               Friday:        10am - 6pm

What to bring:
For private sessions, dress in comfortable, loose fitting clothing.

For group sessions, bring a pillow, blanket and bed sheet, and dress in comfortable, loose fitting clothing

Group classes offered outside of Holistic Healing Space, LLC, are $45 each (advanced payment) and $50 (day of class)

Private Sessions offered at Holistic Healing Space are $140 per two (2) hour session and $100 per person for a semi-private two (2) hour session. Check out my pricing page for package prices. 

Research Shows

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