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"Hi, my name is Dan. I want to tell you how much Natalie Gentry has helped me. She is truly a "healer" who has a very holistic and balanced approach to wellness. Natalie listens to your needs and provides a customized unique solution specifically for you.

I was shocked that Natalie completely cured my acid reflux in 1 visit. Natalie understands the foundational core needs of movement related to abdominal muscle groups.

I simply cannot say enough positive things about Natalie's knowledge, skill sets and the balance and body harmony she provides.

I highly recommend Natalie.

Healthy regards,"

Dan K., Client since 2013


"I cannot tell you how much it has meant to me to have you touch my life--you are a true healer."

June G., Client since 2014


"I have been taking guided free dance classes from Natalie Gentry for over a year now and I just can't say enough good things about her. Her dance and movement talent is beautiful and inspirational to experience, her professional commitment to the healing arts shines through as her caring and compassionate approach to teaching make all of her students feel safe and respected. Her fun and spontaneous nature brings out the best in all of us, and through dancing with her I have personally reached amazing and healing depths and heights of my body, mind and spirit. Thank you Natalie!"

Sue R., Dance student


"...Your healing hands, kind words and sens of humor are magical. Thank you so much for all of the encouragement and laughter. I appreciate it more than you know. May God bless you in many ways, so you can continue to help others. :-)"

Justyna T., Client since 2014

"Natalie's movement brings joy and tenderness to the soul--an experience of re-birth to the Spirit--community of love."

Joni S., Dance Student


"The work of Natalie Gentry has changed my life. Her  Transformational Breath® work has brought more energy, vitality, and calm to every aspect of my life. Now that I know what it feels like to have more oxygen in my lungs and body, I'm seeing better performance in my owrkouts and physical activities; I'm more present with everyone in my life, and I sleep better! I find myself doing the breath work on my own periodically throughout the day and everything seems to synchronize and get easier.

The Maya Abdominal work has had a profound effect on my emotional, spiritual, and physical states. I have been fascinated by how much sorrow and old pain has been released through very effortless means. The anxiety that I experience on a daily basis continues to release and is replaced with more comfort and confidence. With the removal of all this old pain (although I wasn't aware I had any), I feel every aspect of my life freeing up and my limitations dissolving. Hope is flooding into my life in very exciting ways. Not only that but my digestive issues, which I have been dealing with for a very long time, are going away and my body is stronger.

As a practitioner, Natalie is a superior listener. I was surprised and grateful at how much time she spent with me just listening and asking questions in order to really affect the changes I wanted. As a result, her suggestions and advice truly resonate and feel very compassionate. She is truly unique and an extraordinary gift to our community."

Josh J., Client since 2013


"I have worked around quite a few therapists. Nobody has compared to Natalie in terms of care, listening, paying attention to a client's needs and wants. And then incorporating her very impressive array of skills and abilities to give the most beneficial treatment possible. Plus, she is just an absolute doll and a joy to be around!! I have and will continue to HIGHLY recommend her to anybody! For anyone looking for incredible work done by one of the best therapists in the business, look no further than Holistic Healing Space and the fantastic Natalie!"

Dr. Greg Wolgin, Chiropractor, client since 2010


"Natalie is a gifted body worker. It's clear from spending time with her and receiving her massages that she is intuitive, sensitive, gentle and powerful. I feel like heaven after her luxurious massaging skills! An added bonus is Natalie's knowledge of the breath and abdominal massage. It's clear she understands the body in great detail and knows how to make it function at an optimal level. Natalie is professional and warm, and I highly recommend her to all my patients."

-Josie Bouchier L.Ac., 33, Acupuncturist, Denver, CO


"Hi Natalie...a truly beautiful experience today... Thank you for sharing such a loving expression of yourSelf, with supporting me in a continually unfolding and awakening process.

-Thane, new client


"Dear Natalie...Thank you, thank you for the wonderful gift of leading our house blessing! You are so special and a wonderful light in our world. Lots of love...

-Amy, client since 2003


"Natalie, thank you so much for the house blessing. (one of our guests)...stated that you have been on the planet for multiple generations as a healer and he may be right!

-Steve, client since 2011


"Natalie's Dance classes get you out of your head and into your heart and soul. Dancing with Natalie is a highlight of my week."

Adrienne C., Dance Student


"Natalie...Thank you for your expertise. You really are the most gifted healing artist I know. I'm truly grateful you are putting forth your light into the world. With gratitude..."

-Jess, client since 2011


"Working with Natalie has been an amazing experience for me. Often when I see her I come in feeling achy and disconnected, and through the combination of her incredible technical skills and her warm intuitive sense, Natalie's treatments leave me feeling restored, relaxed, and well in my body. And the effects of working with Natalie far outlast simply an individual treatment session or single day; over the time I've been working with her I've seen major shifts and improvements in chronic issues that physical therapy and other treatments have failed to address. Natalie is who I refer all my loved ones to. She is simply the best.

~Ali, client since 2010


"I sought out Natalie's services to relieve back pain I was experiencing. She is highly motivated to provide the best possible knowledge-based care and results for her clients. She is personable, has high integrity, and she does great work!

~ Barbara, client since 2005


"Dancing with Natalie provides a direct connection to breath, heart and soul. She has a gift for honoring the sacred dance in all of us."

Ellen D., Dance Student


"I came to Natalie while experiencing severe back pain. Before every massage she spends time listening and asks deeply intuitive questions. Her work on my back has been intense as the muscles have been injured and neglected for years. For the first time, I believe in the possibility that I won't have to live in pain and I am truly thankful. Natalie is a gifted masseuse...but her gifts and skill go far beyond that. She is helping me heal!"

~ Delta, client since 2011


"I attended a Transformational Breath™ series with Natalie and have found the techniques she presented to be very helpful in reducing the stress and tension in my body. I use them every day! I talk to my family and friends all the time about the importance of breathing deeply too. Natalie is a well-informed healer who exudes warmth and joyfulness and I recommend her to all of my friends."

~ Vaun, client since 2010


"I have been seeing Natalie for many years now and she is an amazing therapist.  I have seen her for traditional massage, Mayan abdominal massage and Transformational Breath.  All of these modalities combine seamlessly in her practice for a amazing overall healing and nurturing experience.  I cannot say enough positive things about Natalie!"

~ Stephanie, client since 1999


"I had my first massage with Natalie about 10 years ago. My goal was simply to have a massage that would help me relax. Natalie has taught me that massage is relaxing, and much more. Without fail, she conducts a pre-massage evaluation to identify areas that need special attention.  She is very experienced and knowledgable, and is capable of catering the massage to my needs.  She can do deep tissue massage with the best of them, but she has a knack for applying just the right pressure to accommodate your comfort level. I also respect the fact that she works continuously to learn more, so that she can improve the quality of her service. I have never had a better massage. I leave satisfied every time. Natalie is exceptional!"

~ Mike, client since 1999

"Natalie Gentry truly has magic in her fingers! I have had bodywork from a wide variety of therapists throughout the years, and throughout the country. I can honestly say that Natalie is by far the best I have ever experienced.  Not only is her bodywork incredible, but the energy and spirit she infuses makes every meeting with her special."

~ Amy, client since 2003

"Natalie is an amazing healer and gifted massage therapist. She is soulful and very spiritually connected. I recommend her HIGHLY!"

~ Steve, new client

"I have been to numerous massage therapists over the years and Natalie Gentry is the best. I have the utmost respect for her professionalism, as well as her technique; whether it is for a sports injury, stress relief, relaxation or Maya Uterine Abdominal massage. Natalie has the gift of the perfect touch, and intuitively knows when to go deeper or lighten up. I find her presence calming and the entire experience healing. I highly recommend any of her massages, preferably a long one!"

~ Terri, client since 2001

"Natalie is an exceptionally skilled massage therapist and wellness advisor. She treats clients in all life stages and with a variety of modalities. And she's a lot of fun. I always feel better, body and soul, after visiting Natalie."

~ Hilarie, client since 1998


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