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Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage



The massage work I offer is a deeper kind of body work; my goals are to help you to feel more connected with your body, to help you feel relief in the days following and to facilitate true healing in your muscles and tissues.  Clients commonly receive a blend of the following modalities in each personalized massage session: 

Relaxing Swedish massage to improve circulation, specific Deep Tissue (NST) work to target deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue that are tight, tender and dysfunctional, Integrative Massage to blend energy work with light connective strokes and basic Reflexology, a treat for the feet!

Clients are also invited to share what their needs are. Levels of pressure tolerance varies from area to area and from visit to visit. Your comfort level is very important to me and your involvement in your wellness is encouraged.

Essential oils, heat packs, moxa, and/or cups may also be utilized as needed to optimize the benefits of individualized massage.

Benefits of Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage

1.  Improved muscle health, flexibility and range of motion

2.  Improved lymph and immune system function 

3.  Increased circulation of blood, nurtients and oxygen throughout body

4.  Increased levels of serotonin and endorphins

5.  Reduced levels of stress hormones like cortisol

6.  Increased ability to perceive stress more easily

7.  Speedier recovery from injury, illness and surgery

8.  Increased ability to focus



I've seen Natalie on several occasions. Most recently, I was experiencing some rather uncomfortable neck pain due to unexpected stress in my life. I went to Natalie for relief and that's exactly what I got. The day after my massage I could turn my neck effortlessly. Her ability to listen and identify what is needed is truly a gift. Her holistic approach always leaves me feeling nurtured, refreshed, and educated on how I can be a better steward of my body. I highly recommend Natalie."

J.D., Client since 2010


"Working with Natalie has been an amazing experience for me. Often when I see her I come in feeling achy and disconnected, and through the combination of her incredible technical skills and her warm intuitive sense, Natalie's treatmens leave me feeling restored, relaxed, and well in my body. And the effects of working with Natalie far outlast simply an individual treatment session or single day; over the time I've been working with her I've seen major shifts and improvements in chronic issues that physical therapy and other treatments have failed to address. Natalie is who I refer all my loved ones to. She is simply the best.

Ali, Client since 2010


"I came to Natalie while experiencing severe back pain. Before every massage she spends time listening and asks deeply intuitive questions. Her work on my back has been intense as the muscles have been injured and neglected for years. For the first time, I believe inthe possibility that I won't have to live in pain and I am truly thankful. Natalie is a gifted masseuse...but her gifts and skill go far beyond that. She is helping me heal!"

Delta, Client since 2011


"I had my first massage with Natalie about 10 years ago. My goal was simply to have a massage that would help me relax. Natalie has taught me that massage is relaxing and much more. Without fail, she conducts a pre-massage evaluation to identify areas that need special attention. She is very experienced and knowledgable, and is capable of catering the massage to my needs. She can do deep tissue massage with the best of them, but she has a knack for applying just the right pressure to accommodate your comfort level. I also respect the fact that she works continuously to learn more, so that she can improve the quality of her service. I have never had a better massage. I leave satisfied every time. Natalie is exceptional.

Mike, Client since 1999


"Natalie Gentry truly has magic in her fingers! I have had bodywork from a wide variety of therapists throughout the years, and trhoughout the country. I can honestly say that Natalie is by far the best I have ever experienced. Not only is her bodywork incredible, but the energy and spirit she infuses makes every meeting with her special."

Amy, Client since 2003




Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage Information:

Holistic Healing Space, LLC, located In Denver's West Wash Park Community

1175 S. Pennsylvania St Denver, CO, 80209



Tuesday:   10am-6pm                        Wednesday:   10am-6pm    

Thursday:   10am - 6pm                    Friday:        10am - 6pm

60 minute massage     $90
90 minute massage     $120

120 minute massage   $140

Massage Packages             


Massage packages are broken down into a series of 4 at 10% off. Check out my pricing page for more information.

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