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About Natalie

My introduction to holistic wellness presented itself in the form of a massage workshop I participated in at a dance camp I attended at age thirteen with the Joffrey Ballet. All of the students at the dance camp were divided up into levels...I was placed in level three, my sister was in level four. I was crushed that the ballet master and instructors felt I wasn't strong enough to train at level 4, but not for long! My level three classmates and I were turned onto the healing power of Massage. We learned basic techniques to relieve cramps, fatigue, and tight muscles resulting from the rigors of ballet training. Not only did I leave those sessions feeling relaxed and euphoric, I was delighted to be able to ease the physical pains my ballet classmates experienced when I returned home from camp. Although I attended and graduated from college, held a dream job of writing feature articles for a national magazine for a year and then spent five fulfilling years coordinating after school programs for at-risk youth, I longed to do more of what I truly enjoyed and excelled at; working with people in a more personal way to impact their lives from the inside-out.

I chose to attend massage school because I realized that, in my efforts to assist at-risk youth, I was not taking good care of myself. I forgot to eat meals, was hypoglycemic, was stressed by working long hours and distressed by the sometimes heart wrenching obstacles my students and their families faced. I also struggled with bouts of insomnia and exhaustion. Although I went for morning walks and tried to be mindful of preparing healthy meals (when I remembered to eat) I was numb to how I felt physically and emotionally. I, grudgingly, began to take prescription medication to help me function more effectively. I knew, in her heart, I needed to make a career change that would enable me to learn and practice better self care skills in order to continue to care for others. I also wanted to help others to care for themselves more proactively so they could live fuller, happier lives.

I began to receive massage regularly and became aware of changes taking place in my life. I started to notice when I felt hungry, tired, stressed, and in physical pain. And, when I needed a break, I began to take time off without feeling guilt. I loved and valued the work I received and knew that massage therapy could be a career through which I could impact others as beneficially as I had been impacted.

Attending Boulder College of Massage Therapy was an amazing gift for me. I receive a stellar education that enabled me to care for clients in effective, powerful, supportive ways and I left massage school feeling deeply balanced and at ease, physically and emotionally, in ways I had not felt before. I also felt an increased commitment to care for myself in constructive, loving ways. Best of all, I was able to discontinue my need for prescription medication! I had found her calling.

In the years following my graduation from massage school, I have expanded my interest in holistic healing by attending classes in herbal medicine, aromatherapy, intuitive healing and Spiritual Plant Healing. I also completed certifications in Maya Abdominal Massage (a fantastic modality for women who are experiencing pain with their menstrual cycles, women who are trying to get pregnant, women recovering from child birth and women in menopause), Prenatal/Post Partum Massage, Transformational Breath® Facilitation and Teaching (a great modality for anyone who suffers from shallow breathing, anxiety, frequent illness, mental fogginess, and even feelings of detachment from self and loved ones), and Nia, a wonderfully fun exercise/dance modality. I am also a distrubutor for an amazing Nutrition and Supplement line because, after all, "you are what you eat."

I am passionate about helping clients to take charge of their health. I have built my 14 year practice on my commitment to facilitating client wellness through massage, breath, movement and nutrition and through providing resources to help clients achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being, both in my healing space and in their daily lives.    

Graduate of Cornell College (1990) in Mount Vernon, Iowa, with a Bachelor’s degree in English,  concentrations in Sociology and Women’s Studies.

Graduate of Boulder College of Massage Therapy (BCMT), 1998, Boulder, Colorado. 

Completed coursework and workshops in:

  • Shiatsu and Swedish Massage
  • Normalization of Soft Tissue (NST) and
  • Integrative Massage
  • Nutrition 
  • Polarity Therapy, Reflexology, and Energy Medicine
  •  Completed advanced coursework and certifications:
  • Certification in The Arvigo Techniques Maya Abdominal and Uterine Massage, which included  a workshop in Spiritual Healing
  • Certification program in Prenatal and Post Partum Massage offered at BCMT
  • Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy and Intuitive Healing
  • Nia White Belt Intensive with Nia Techniques, Inc.
  • Transformational Breath Facilitator and Trainer Certification training through the Transformational Breath Foundation 



"With the opening of Holistic Healing Space, LLC, my passion for providing exceptional massage therapy, Nia instruction, and Transformational Breath facilitation as well as my dream of owning and operating a boutique bodywork studio  have come to fruition."

~ Natalie Gentry, Founder/Principal Member of Holistic Healing Space, LLC

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